Designing Your Home

At gWest residential plot owners will be able to design a bespoke property to suit their own taste.

Owners can select their preferred architects, designers and contractors to create their residence or alternatively, gWest is able to recommend several highly professional firms with many years’ experience of designing high end residential homes.

gWest fully appreciates the prospective challenges that can be associated with building your own residence, especially if based overseas. gWest management will therefore take particular care to ensure that throughout the entire process - from land purchase to completion – owners are fully supported. The local gWest Project Management Service team can manage as much or as little of the process as required; offering a peace of mind that residences at gWest will be delivered to clients’ satisfaction.

gWest can act as your on-site representative, working alongside appointed architects and/or interior designers as appropriate, offering assistance with:

  • Construction procurement
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Deliveries
  • Interior design
  • Clerk-of-Works service